Medical practices are facing new pressures on their profitability, including rising overhead associated with maintenance of electronic medical records, increasingly at-risk reimbursement, and other expenses. HealthGroup West can provide an in-depth look at each financial and operational aspect of the practice, providing the practice with an independent evaluation of the practice’s strengths and weaknesses.

How We Assist:

  • Financial performance benchmarking
  • Operational performance benchmarking
  • Quality metric, rating, ranking and benchmarking
  • Physician compensation analysis, modeling and recommendation
  • Physician partnership and step down modeling and recommendation
  • Payer contracting analysis and modeling
  • Fee schedule analysis
  • Provider satisfaction / retention
  • Evaluation of office space
  • Evaluation of office staffing
  • Review of business procedures (including provider and patient scheduling and billing and collection procedures)
  • Review of technology and equipment used to support business functions

HealthGroup West will interview staff, evaluate data provided by the practice and observe business practice procedures to develop a comprehensive written report for the client that includes analysis, conclusions and recommendations for improving efficiency and business profitability.