No two care delivery systems are identical. Therefore, planning must reflect the unique elements that arise from location and organizational culture, while also focusing on elements common to successful organizations nationwide.

How We Assist:

One of our most popular consulting requests is strategic planning services. HealthGroup West strategic plans typically build on one or more of the following Assessments:

  • Market assessment
  • Operational or medical practice assessment
  • Consumer assessment
  • Manpower assessment
  • Facilities and equipment assessment

Strategic Plans specifically outline the key components of the organization’s growth and identifies the requirements necessary to successfully achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. The Plan contains:

  • Mission Statement
  • Organizational History
  • Key Takeaways from prior assessments
  • Recommended strategic initiatives
  • Volume projections
  • Financial modeling
  • Implementation timeline

The Strategic Business Plan provides the organization with a road map to a future marked by growth and success.