Service lines are critical strategic and operational components of hospitals and health systems. Healthcare organizations cannot afford to stand still while searching for the ideal candidate to lead these functions. HealthGroup West can provide interim assistance and lay a strong foundation for the incoming leader by completing a comprehensive service line market assessment, surveying the key service line stakeholders, developing strategic recommendations for the service line, and implementing reporting and benchmarking templates. HealthGroup West can also assist with candidate identification or with mentoring internal candidates the organization seeks to foster into service line leadership. Contact us today to discuss how we may help your organization continue to advance key service lines during times of transition.

Download an overview of HealthGroup West's service line transitional support services for hospitals and health systems here.

How We Assist:

  • Comprehensive Service Line Market Assessment
    • Analysis of national and local healthcare environment
    • Assessment of market demographics and health profile
    • Evaluation of utilization and demand for service
    • Identification of opportunities for physician alignment
    • Overview of your market share and competition
    • Strategic Recommendations
  • Stakeholder Survey
    • Interviews with service line physicians
    • Interviews with referring physicians
    • Interviews with other key internal stakeholders
    • Recommendations
  • Interim Service Line Leadership / Leadership Development
    • Interim service line leadership
    • Job description / compensation package development
    • Identification / evaluation of permanent candidates
    • Mentoring / development of internal candidates
    • Development of leader on-boarding plan
  • Reporting and Benchmarking
    • Development of routine operational report templates
    • Identification of relevant quality and efficiency targets
    • development of service line strategic report templates (including market share, patient origin, community health)